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Landscape Design and Build
Landscape Design/Build is the collaborative process of conceptualizing and creating your outdoor space. This process combines the traditionally separate disciplines of design and installation, resulting in projects that are imaginative yet readily built. In addition, the collaboration allows for responsiveness to changes during the installation that help keep the project true to the client's needs. Through single-point accountability, a landscape designer will be your companion and trusted resource during the design and creation of your outdoor space. Our designers lead well trained, experienced and trusted crews to install your outdoor space.

Each outdoor space we construct is a unique reflection our client's personality relative to their property. This is accomplished through careful listening and observation. We will develop a written plan, constructing the landscape according to that plan. This is achieved through collaboration with the client, designer and our talented, professional crews.

The range of the tasks we perform range from a simple, single tree installation to comprehensive, total property transformations.

Landscape Design Services:

  • Landscape Master Planning
  • Planting Plans
  • Conceptual sketches and color renderings

Landscape Build Services

We install the outdoor spaces we design, building every aspect of the outdoor environment.
  • Outdoor Living Areas: patios, terraces, walls, walkways, outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, swimming pools
  • Ornamental Planting: perennial borders, flowering shrubs, herb gardens, large tree moving and planting
  • Water Features: pools, ponds, streams, waterfalls
  • Lighting: outdoor lighting designs that will highlight architecture, add drama and increase safety.



Visit the quote page to set up a free no hassle assessment of your lawn or landscaping project today. Or, feel free to contact us with general questions about your outdoor project. In a hurry, give us a call: 515-778-3969



An attractive, well-crafted landscape substantially increases the value of your home and enhances your quality of life. Frontline Lawn & Landscapes, LLC offers residential landscape services in the Des Moines Metro area to suit your tastes, property and lifestyle.Residential Landscaping

Whether you’re interested in extensive installation, garden maintenance, lawn maintenance or irrigation, our experienced and highly-trained staff of residential account managers and designers will help create the beautiful and functional setting you envision.

If you are currently working with a landscape architect, or if you are a landscape architect with a client in need of a contractor,Frontline Lawn & Landscapes, LLC is prepared to help you throughout the contracting process. Our team will guide you through budgeting, formal estimating, project management and property maintenance to ensure your design reaches its full potential.

We Treat For The Emerald Ash Borer
Dieback of the canopy of an ash tree is a symptom of Emerald Ash Borer larval infestation as many as one half of the branches may die back as infestation progresses. The bark will split over dead vascular tissues, and trees may die within only two years of the onset of symptoms.

With proper treatment, trees will recover from infestation and will be protected from Emerald Ash Borer. Call today 515-619-8909.


Lawn Treatment Program:
A thriving turf consumes more nutrients from the soil than are naturally replenished. Regular lawn treatments are necessary to replenish these vital nutrients; maintain a healthy, robust turf; and to stay ahead of crabgrass and weeds.

At Frontline Lawn & Landscapes Inc., we believe in treating customers the way we'd like to be treated ourselves! We don't try to up sell more lawn applications than is really need, and we won't lock customers into a contract that they can't get out of.

Our lawn treatment programs are designed to promote a healthy and attractive lawn. To accomplish this, we use the recommendations of the Iowa State University Extension Office and the Iowa Professional Lawn Care Association.  Their decades of turf grass testing and research provides an excellent unbiased source of turf grass information specific to our area.

 Some of the benefits of our Lawn Treatment Program include: Lawn Care

  1. We apply a blend of granular and liquid applications for best results. Most homeowners programs use only granular treatments. This is OK for fertilizing, but liquid applications are more effective for weed control. Our program includes a combination of granular and liquid applications. Post-emergent Weed control is always applied as a liquid.

  2. We know what to apply, when to apply it, and how much to apply for the maximum benefit to your lawn. Many homeowners are well intended by doing it themselves, but they get busy, and forget to make the application at the appropriate time, or they have to guess at what to use and how much to put down.

  3. Since we purchase materials in bulk, we are able to offer this service at an affordable price. When you add in your gas, your time, the necessity of purchasing and maintaining a spreader and/or sprayer, you can quickly see the benefit of having Frontline Lawn & Landscapes, Inc. take care of your lawn.

Spring: Mowing, Fertilizing, Aerating, Seeding, Sodding, Mulching, Spring Clean-Up, Landscape Design & Construction, Irrigation Start Up/Maintenance

Summer: Mowing Fertilizing Landscape Design & Construction (retaining walls, patio's, water features etc.) Irrigation Installation, Irrigation Maintenance

Fall: Mowing, Fertilizing, Aerating, Seeding, Sodding, Mulching, Fall Clean-Up, Leaf Removal, Irrigation Shut Down, Landscape Design & Construction

Winter: Snow Removal (Driveways, Parking Lots, Commercial & Residential), De-Icing


30” Mongolion Basalt Column Water-feature - $1,450
Basalt Column Waterfeature

Mongolian Basalt columns are mined from the mountains found between Russia and China. Small-volume basaltic volacanism has occurred intermittently throughout central Mongolia for the past 30 million years.

Aquascape Mongolian Basalt is mined, shaped and then drilled to make a stunning semi-formal water feature. Since each piece is handcrafted from natural stone, some variations in size, color, weight and texture may occur



6’ stream with pond-less water feature - $3,500
Pondless Water Feature

Provides the sight and sound of cascading water into any landscape setting without the hassle and money to take care of a pond unit. This feature can be turned off or on when the homeowner chooses.



8’x11’ pond with stream/water fall - $4,250

This water feature provide the water enthusiast with everything they need at an affordable price.  You can enjoy the sounds of water cascading down from the stream and the many hours of enjoyment from watching your fish interact.  

The plantings can provide for an extremely attractive addition to any landscape, with the crowning jewel of the pond being the Lilly…




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