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Fire pit installed over a patio in Bondurant, IA.

Hardscapes in Bondurant, Altoona, Ankeny, & Nearby Areas of Iowa

Transform your home or business with our hardscaping services.

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Hardscapes in Bondurant, IA & Surronding Cities Like Altoona & Ankeny

Our hardscaping services include patio installation, fire pit installation, outdoor kitchen installation, and much more.

A retaining wall being installed in Altoona, IA.

Hardscapes are worthwhile investments that have the potential to transform your property. Not only do they increase your property's value, but they also make it more functional and aesthetically appealing. At Frontline Lawn & Landscapes, we offer our premium hardscaping services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Bondurant, IA, and surrounding cities like Altoona and Ankeny. Our services include patio installation, fire pit installation, outdoor kitchen installation, and much more. Let our team help you take your property from good to great. Call us today at (515) 967-7400 to sign up for our hardscaping services!

  • Patio Installation

    If you want to expand your outdoor living space, then our team can install a custom patio at your property. Popular materials we use to construct our durable patios include pavers, stones, and concrete.

  • Walkway Installation

    Make navigating your property safer and easier by hiring our team to install a custom walkway. We will build your walkway from scratch using a material of your choice, such as concrete pavers or Black Hills Rustic flagstone.

  • Driveway Installation

    Boost your property's curb appeal by signing up for our driveway installation service. We will design and build a custom driveway that will accentuate your property using sturdy materials like pavers or concrete.

  • Outdoor Step Installation

    Is your property sloped? If so, we can install stone or concrete outdoor steps that make it easier to traverse. Iowa Buff limestone, Chilton granite, and Black Hills Rustic flagstone are three popular stone types that we use to build outdoor steps.

  • Retaining Wall Installation

    We offer our retaining wall installation service for residential, commercial, and HOA properties that reside on slopes. Our custom retaining walls help control erosion and create more flat, usable space.

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    We can install a raised planter bed in the flat area above your retaining wall to enhance your property's natural beauty.

  • Seating Wall Installation

    Do you need more places for people to sit in your outdoor living space? If so, that's a problem we can solve by installing a custom seating wall at your property.

  • Fire Pit Installation

    Don't let the cold weather prevent you from enjoying your outdoor living space. Let our team install a fire pit that generates heat and creates a space for you to gather around with friends and family when the temperatures dip.

    View Fire Pit Installation

  • Outdoor Fireplace Installation

    We can install an outdoor fireplace at your property that will keep you warm when the weather cools. Depending on your preference, you can determine if you want it to be powered by natural gas, wood, or propane.

  • Outdoor Kitchen Installation

    Elevate your outdoor living space by taking advantage of our outdoor kitchen installation service. This transformative hardscape addition can be customized to include a pizza oven, refrigerator, bar, and more!

    Our company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau!

  • Water Feature Installation

    Bring peace and tranquility to your property by letting our team design a custom water feature for your home or business. We can install breathtaking water features such as bottomless waterfalls, fountains, bubblers, and ponds.

  • Pergola Installation

    Do you enjoy relaxing outdoors under partial shade? If so, then our pergola installation service is just what you need to enhance your outdoor living space.

  • Pavilion Installation

    Pavilions serve as beautiful focal points at many properties. Our team can design and build a custom pavilion tailored to your preferences when you sign up for our pavilion installation service.

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Are you ready to add one of our hardscape features to your property? If so, then let our team know. We offer our full range of high-quality hardscape installation services to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in Bondurant, Altoona, Ankeny, and nearby areas in Iowa. We are a veteran-owned company that has provided our exceptional hardscape services since 2006. Call us today at (515) 967-7400 to schedule any of our services today!