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Fertilized lawn in Ankeny, IA.

Lawn Fertilization in Bondurant, Altoona, Ankeny, & Nearby Areas of Iowa

Our lawn fertilization service can give your lawn all the nutrients it needs to thrive.

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Lawn Fertilization Service in Bondurant, IA & Surrounding Areas in Altoona & Ankeny

Our fertilization program also involves weed control!

To keep your lawn healthy and vibrant throughout the year, fertilizer treatments need to be applied. At Frontline Lawn & Landscapes, we will keep your lawn nourished by applying 5 fertilizer treatments to your lawn throughout the year. What's more, because weeds can steal those much-needed nutrients from your lawn for themselves, our fertilization program also includes weed control treatments. We use both granular and liquid fertilization treatments and which one we use will depend on a number of different factors. Plus, our fertilizer treatments are pet-safe, so you can rest easy knowing your four-legged friends won't be in any danger.

We offer our lawn fertilization service to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Bondurant, Altoona, Ankeny, IA, and surrounding areas.

Our Lawn Fertilization Schedule

We strive to provide your lawn with everything it requires to remain healthy and beautiful throughout the year, and our 5-step lawn fertilization program is designed to do just that. It includes not only routine fertilization treatments, but also weed control treatments! The following is our lawn fertilization and weed control schedule:

  • Early Spring - In the early spring, we will apply our pre-emergent weed control treatment, followed by a granular fertilizer treatment.
  • Late Spring - In the later spring months, we will apply our post-emergent herbicide that will eliminate any existing weeds on your property. We will also fertilize your lawn during this time to ensure it has the nutrients it needs to thrive.
  • Summer - In the summer, we apply a granular fertilizer treatment that has a higher concentration of potassium to help with drought stress. We will also apply broadleaf weed control treatments during this time if needed.
  • Fall - During this time, our team will cover your entire lawn with our liquid fertilizer. We will also apply post-emergent weed control to help eliminate any broadleaf weeds on your property.
  • Late Fall - We apply granular fertilizer or "winterizer" in the late fall to make sure your lawn has enough stored nutrients to make it through the winter season.

Basic, classic, and premier are the 3 different fertilization and weed control packages we offer.

We utilize both granular and liquid fertilizer treatments.

Granular fertilizer pellets spread throughout lawn in Bondurant, IA.

At Frontline Lawn & Landscapes, we utilize both granular and liquid fertilizer treatments. Granular fertilizer treatments are used because they provide nutrients to your lawn over a long period of time. We use liquid fertilizer treatments because they begin working immediately and will provide your lawn with an instant boost. Our lawn care experts will switch between these two treatments depending on what's best for your lawn at that particular time.

Once our fertilizer is dry, your pets will be able to use your lawn as normal.

A dog waiting to play on safely treated dried lawn in Altoona, IA.

We want to keep your lawn as healthy as possible, but we don't want to endanger your pets in the process. That is why we only use pet-friendly fertilizer treatments. All you have to do is keep your pets off your lawn until our treatments have dried. Once our treatments have dried, your pets can resume normal use of your lawn!

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At Frontline Lawn & Landscapes, our 5-step fertilization program which also includes weed control is utilized to ensure your lawn is as healthy as possible throughout the year. We will make sure your lawn is given the important nutrients it needs to grow healthy, lush green grass and help it grow strong enough to handle stressors throughout the year. Our service is offered to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Bondurant, Altoona, Ankeny, IA, and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (515) 967-7400 to schedule our lawn fertilization service for your property today!