Applying fertilizer is an essential part of caring for your lawn in Iowa. The two types of fertilizers that you can use to nourish your grass are granular and liquid. Granular products consist of granules, which are spread over your lawn and have to be watered in to become activated. They also release nutrients slowly, providing your grass with a stable flow of nutrients over an extended period. Meanwhile, liquid fertilizers are sprayed on your lawn and are fast-acting, meaning they release nutrients quickly. Both are great options and should be included in your lawn care routine, though it's crucial to apply them at the right time of the year to give your turf what it needs when it needs it.

What is granular fertilizer?

Granular fertilizer, as its name implies, comes in pellet-shaped granules. It is applied by spreading the granules over your lawn and watering them to activate them. As the granules get watered in, they will start to break down and gradually release the nutrients into your soil.

This type of fertilizer is a great way to feed your lawn in Iowa with much-needed nutrients without the risk of fertilizer burn. That's because the release of nutrients is steady and slow. This also means that your grass will have a consistent supply of nutrients for an extended period!

What is liquid fertilizer?

The other type of fertilizer that you can use is liquid, which is administered by spraying it on your lawn. Liquid fertilizer is fast-acting and releases nutrients right away, making it an effective way to provide your grass in Iowa with the nourishment it needs. After all, it works quickly to seep into the soil and reach its roots. However, it also means you'll need to reapply them more often to ensure your lawn does not run out of nutrients, plus do so at the right time to avoid stressing it out or causing fertilizer burn!

Granular and liquid fertilizers both contain the three key nutrients that promote a robust, healthy lawn, which are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Which type of fertilizer is better for your lawn in Iowa?

Granular and liquid fertilizers are both great options for your lawn in Iowa. They'll provide your grass with essential nutrients that encourage healthy growth, so it's best if you integrate both types into your lawn care regimen. To get the best results, you need to use the right type of fertilizer, depending on the time of year! Here's when you should use these fertilizers:

  • Granular fertilizers are best used in early spring and summer. The slow-release capability of granular fertilizers ensures your grass has a steady supply of nutrients to emerge from dormancy, enter the new growing season, and withstand the summer heat.
  • Liquid fertilizers should be applied in late spring and fall. Applying this fertilizer in late spring ensures your grass has another boost of nutrients before it enters summer. The fall application will give your lawn an influx of nutrients to recover from the summer stress!

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