Lawn fertilization is not a one-time thing where it's applied at the start of the year and carries your grass until the end. To ensure your lawn in Iowa receives the right amount of nutrients throughout the year, you need to apply fertilizer treatments multiple times! In the spring, your grass will benefit from two applications, while one in the summer will go a long way in helping it survive the stressful heat of the season. As fall sets in, you'll want to administer fertilizer twice: one in early fall to help it recover from summer-related stress and a final winterizer treatment in late fall.

Fertilize your lawn in Iowa twice in the spring.

During the winter, your lawn in Iowa goes into dormancy and will use its stored nutrients to survive until it's time to grow again. As the temperatures start to warm up in the spring, your grass will slowly emerge from this dormant state. However, it will be weak and have a depleted nutrient supply, so you'll need to fertilize it twice in the spring.

The first fertilization treatment should be in early spring to give your grass a boost of nutrients to come out of being dormant and start the new growing season on the right foot. The second treatment should be administered in late spring to provide another round of nutrients, strengthening your lawn and getting it in tip-top shape to enter the summer months.

To ensure your lawn gets the most out of the fertilizer treatments, pair them with weed control treatments to eliminate nutrient-stealing weeds!

Apply One Lawn Fertilizer Treatment in the Summer

Summer is a stressful season for your cool-season lawn in Iowa. The hot temperatures can be detrimental to your grass, so you need to ensure it receives one fertilizer treatment in the summer. The nutrients found in fertilizers will fortify your lawn's health, helping it endure stressful conditions during this season and maintain its vibrant green color.

Give your grass one fertilizer treatment in early fall.

Cool-season lawns in Iowa thrive during the cool months of fall. Because of this, early fall is the perfect time to apply a fertilizer treatment! Your grass will be in its best shape to take advantage of the nutrients from this treatment, using them to recover from the stress it endured from the summer and replenish its supply. It will also strengthen your grass and fortify its root system as it starts preparing for the impending winter season.

Administer one last winterizer treatment before winter.

Your lawn's last fertilization application should be a winterizer treatment before winter. This type of fertilizer treatment is applied in late fall to give your grass a boost of nutrients to help it become as strong as possible before it enters the winter season and goes dormant. Without enough nutrients for the winter, it could become weak, brown, and possibly even die come spring.

A winterizer treatment will also help your grass develop a robust root system for the winter. You'll want your lawn to have strong and deep roots during this season because that will help it endure the freezing temperatures in Iowa. What's more, it will even enable your lawn to green up quickly in the spring!

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